Currant breeze

Trade Mark:
Zhiva Chay
Product group: Tea
Product subgroup: Tea
Product code (cn category): 0902

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, lemongrass, red currant berries, black currant berries. Vitamin fruit-and-berry blend based on hibiscus petals. It can be used hot or as a base for cold tea. Adding honey is recommended. Truly delicious and extremely useful. All its components complement each other harmoniously. Blend beauty, brightness of taste, beautiful ruby-berry color of brew! You will fall in love with it at first sight. You can make fantastic cocktails on its base. It perfectly invigorates and takes off the weariness, gives a new lease of life. Promotes concentration of attention.

Gives new strength; strengthens vessel walls; has a good influence on heart; supports brain activity; quenches thirst well; increases body stamina; maintains body tonus; increases efficiency; saturates with vitamins.

No caffeine, no flavoring, coloring and preservation agents.

Net weight:
50 g
Type of packaging:
Doypack with ZIP lock
Quantity of pieces in multiple-unit package:
20 pieces
Weight of multiple-unit package:
1.3 kg
Shelf life:
24 months
Storage temperature max (°C):
15 – 25 С (not higher)
Storage conditions:
Store in dry, dark place at a relative humidity of air up to 70% away from highly odorous substances.
Company name:
Zhiva Chay

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