Organic Flax Oil

Trade Mark:
Product group: Vegetable oils; linseed oil and its fractions, crude, not chemically modified
Product subgroup: Other fixed vegetable fats and oils
Product code (cn category): 1515110000

Linseed oil - very rich by useful ingredients, but especially need to select unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Vitamin composition: in a significant number of E, in the smaller - K, V. Unsaturated fatty acids: Omega-3 (about 50%), Omega-6 (about 20%), Omega-9 (close 20%). Saturated fatty acids (stearic, palmitic.) - 9-11%. Macroelements: phosphorus, calcium, Microelements: zinc. It should be noted that the content of cholesterol in linseed oil - 0%.

Net weight
0.375 l
Type of packaging:
Glass bottle
Quantity of pieces in multiple-unit package:
6 pcs
Weight of multiple-unit package:
2.8 kg
Shelf life:
12 months
Storage temperature max (C)
0 - +18 ℃
Storage conditions
Keep in a dark place
Energy value per 100 g of product:
3690 kJ/898 kcal
Nutrition Facts (Food value) per 100 g of product:
Proteins - 0 Fats - 99 Carbohydrates - 0
Company name: